About Us

Himalayan Sunrise is run by Bishnu Rai and his team, People have always been facinated  about sharing the environmental and cultural beauty of  the country Nepal with people wanting to experience a special and unique holiday package. Bishnu has been a trekking and mountaineering guide for over the two decades and his experience, combined with his deep love for his country and its people, his realistic and clear sighted understanding of the challenges facing Nepal and his compassionate and warm connection with those he meets will ensure that your time in Nepal is way more than “a holiday” but will probably be one of the high points of your life-not just because of altitude!

Bishnu has guided treks and climbs for every level of experience-from first time trekkers wanting an introduction to the place to seasoned climbers looking for a challenge. He has trekked with family groups, “seniors”, those wanting to do traditional and well loved routes and those wanting to get off the beaten track. Many of his clients are coming back for their third, fourth, fifth trek or more!.

About Bishnu

Bishnu  was born and raised in the Solukhumbu Everest region world’s highest peak. He has been involved in trekking and mountaineering over 20 years and has completed highly competitive courses in basic and advanced mountaineering and guiding. He has extensive experience guiding a wide range of people with varying trekking and mountaineering experience-from novices doing their first trek to “old hands” wanting to get to more remote and less trekked regions. He is able to plan the whole thing for you from deciding on locations and arranging travel, porters and accommodation or will happily work with you as a consultant if you have your own ideas or dreams to pursue!

His enthusiasm for the flora and fauna of his homeland add another dimension to trekking with him. He will answer your questions about the amazing flowers, birds, landscapes and other things you’ll see with knowledge and warmth. He is aware of the fragile state of the environment here and is committed to treading lightly. He encourages sustainable trekking practices and supports lodge owners engaging in low impact practices. He is also committed to properly equipping and paying his team of porters, most of whom trek regularly with him and many of whom he is training for leadership.

Bishnu is realistic about the many challenges facing his country and clear sighted about possible solutions. He and a group of his friends run a small orphanage in Kathmandu for 16 children and should you wish to include a visit to the orphanage, that can be easily arranged. There is absolutely no expectation of this but you would be a very welcome guest. He is also involved in the construction of the Salyan Birthing Centre, and the Colourful Journey tour he and Wendy Moore take in November each year includes three days with the women of Samunnat Nepal.  Read more about these in About other things we do.