Nagarjun Danda – 5hrs walk

Drive to the National park Nagarjun gate, Nagarjuna is the very important deity in in Buddhist and Hindu both, It’s a myth that deity nagarjun was traveling along and saw KTM was big lake, Nagarjun thought that if the lake empty it the it will be very good residential for people, as he has a supernatural power sword he cut there Chovar mountain its today to the south of the valley and let all the water go out then brought people in they are people today in KTM and he left for his world journey also the Nagarjun peak believe to be he meditate, we you get to the top there is monastery. It’s a beautiful shot day hike. 3 hours walk form the bottom through the beautiful forest even its very close to city you already feel the fresh are walking along the ridge as you go higher view of the ktm valley and to the north east west get big Range of Himalaya. Right on top is view tower which give you view the 360degree around. Walk back is all downhill its take 2hours to the Gate we get Vehicle here drive back to Hotel/home.

As it’s a national park no any teashop or shop. We will provide pack lunch. Please get 2 liter of drinking water with you.


1 Day