Shivapuri peak 2725m. – 7hrs walk

Drive to Guruge Bhanjyang 1:30hrs, as soon as you we drop off from the vehicle, it’s breath talking view of the Valley and the mountains ranges. We start to hike through the think forest, as it’s a National park, there is two different track, one is old, which has been using by local people from other side to coming into Kathmandu, new one is developed by Nepal tourism board, it’s laid rocks and staircases. Terrain is along the ridge, so you could get view of the both side Kathmnadu valley and Himalaya ranges, only few time we get to see the view because the thick tall tree hiking underneath, as the new trail still under construction so some places they overlap some place totally different trail make you confuse can get lost too. But its not dangerous. You get see the ground freshly dug out by wild boar lolling for the food, so many species of birds mainly in the spring is the best time for the birds watching around here. Chestnut tree, Huge very old oak tree are beautiful and rhododendron the Nepal national flower, walking through huge trees it’s a jungle walk. Top of the Shivapuri, it’s the highest peak around views the Himalayan range from top is amazing, every time we go people say they don’t want to go back to Kathmandu because its very pretty, nature is beautiful. Now start descending other side big huge Oak trees and small bushes early spring and mid spring is the best time hiking. Downhill very important site in Hinduism name of the site Baag dawar, very holy and biggest temple in Nepal is Pashupatinath, in Kathmnadu. So the river flows by Pashupatinath Temple is Bagmati river this river start right from the Bagdawar, Translation is (Tiger door). its interesting small beautiful man made pond water come out form the rocks and statue of Hindu deities also the there is a small natural cave where is Shadu lives. Then continue to walk some time traversing most of the time is downhill still very oak trees. Very nice spot if pick in the middle of the forest after 30mins walk arrive to Nagi Gomba located in the best spot itself nunnery Buddhist monastery there are many nun practice Buddhist Dharma. The view of the valley is magnificent, walk to Budhanilkantha the where we get the vehicle drive back to Hotel/home. Drive takes about an hours to city center. This hike would be bit longer than the other hikes.

As it’s a national park no any teashop or shop. We will provide Vehicle and pack lunch. Please get 2 liter of drinking water with you.

We will get vehicle drive back to Hotel/home. Driving takes 1:30 hours to get back in town.


1 Day