A School Trip

Are you planning for a trip to Nepal with your student group? School trips are an unforgettable part of the study memories. We believe that travel is an important part of education. Better one time to have a touching experience than hundreds time to read only about. It helps the creation of the team spirit, the development of cooperation between students, but also with local people. Students can visit monuments inscribed in UNESCO, observe many historical sites, architectures, unique culture, festivals, they can trek, look for unique wild flora and fauna, they can have experience with camping, but also is possible to help in the community, they can visit the local school in Nepal and spend time with students, or visit the local Health Center in village, or they can use home stay to discover the real Nepali lifestyle.

Whether the group is college university or high-school students, we can design a customized trip suitable for your group, using our long term experience and the local knowledge. Of course to keep the high hygienic level of meal, including special diet requirements.
We have already organized the school expeditions and they returned back regularly.