What is the difference between teahouse trekking and camping?

Both teahouse treks and camping treks have a lot to offer. Both offer slightly different experiences as you would expect.  Nowadays, on many the main trekking trails of Nepal you will find small, simple teahouses and lodges that have become better and better at catering for trekker’s needs. Obviously, there will be quite a range of accommodation but if you are doing a teahouse trek with Himalayan Sunrise, you will be sleeping in clean, comfortable and functional places. The rooms generally have two beds and shared bathrooms are the normal. Dinner and breakfast will be taken in the lodge where you stay overnight, but lunch is usually taken somewhere along the route.  Some teahouses offer a wide variety of food and some actually have what they offer.  Others offer hearty but basic fare.  Depending on the time of year, you may meet many other trekkers doing the same trip as you and your “support crew” will be more compact.  If you are particularly tall, you will be able to stand up more in the evenings on a teahouse trek than on a camping trek!  Don’t laugh-it can be an issue if you are tall!

A camping trek is often a little more expensive and requires a lot more organisation but allows access into more remote areas.  You will be less likely to meet up with other trekkers and will become closer to your group including your support team.  The team will be much larger as it will include porters, a cook, his team and several guides.  And camping is camping!  On a Himalayan Sunrise camping trek, you will be in large comfortable domed tents with a fly, have reasonably thick foam mattresses on thinner insulation liners, sit on stools at a table for meals and have dinner in a large, stable mess tent.  A toilet tent will be set up at every site and sometimes, if conditions allow, a wash tent will be erected.  A guide will be “on duty” throughout the night.  Hygienic food preparation of food is assured, as is a great variety.  A unique feature of Himalayan Sunrise treks is our “Gourmet Cooking Lesson” which evolved as the result of trekkers demanding to learn how to prepare some of the delicious food they ate on their holidays!